Scribblenauts: Make God Fight Ninjas

Say hey, let’s all play Scribblenauts! Yes, as you may have read elsewhere, the actual game play is a little wonky, but you will learn to finesse it, and anyway it is so totally worth your while.  Why?  Because in the game, you can use your MAGIC POWERS to generate pretty much anything you can think of.  In the mood for a turkey sandwich?  You... read more

Eating tangerines with My Father’s Dragon

In the third grade, I met Mrs. Palombi, my favorite teacher ever. She taught us how to churn butter (you sit in a circle, pass around a bottle of heavy cream that everyone takes a turn shaking up, and spread the resulting curds on Ritz crackers), she brought a cotton candy machine to the Fall Festival (during the summer, she ran a beach shack that sold... read more

Generation X

If you haven’t read it, it’s never too late to soak in late-80s era ennui! The basic premise of Generation X involves Andy, Claire and Dag, three friends who come to the desert to be… well, themselves. Not reinvented so much as stripped down, they make the deliberate decision to eschew the “get a career, climb the ladder, amass... read more

Choose Your Own Zombocalypse

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books you read as a kid? Devouring them breathlessly with multiple fingers stuck in the pages so you could navigate your way back if things went south? Pulling out your hair trying to get to that damned cloud city ending (spoiler alert: you couldn’t) in “Inside UFO 54-40”? Checking one out from the... read more