Drinking + Duck Hunt = Drunk Hunt

It’s a generational thing. If you’re within five or six years of my age, in either direction, there’s a pretty good chance you spent a chunk of your childhood sitting about two feet from the television, cursing like a dockworker as you sent an 8-bit Mario careening to his doom off the end of a giant, bendy mushroom. These days, if you own... read more

I think I just reviewed my shoes

I’m not exactly sure what kind of person reviews their shoes on a website like What I am sure of, for better or worse, is I’m about to become that kind of person. Sorry. I can’t help myself. Staring my 30th birthday in the face, mired in another losing fantasy football season, and with no more DVD -released TV show left to... read more

Delicious homebaked Armageddon

Here at Favorite Thing Ever we make a point of being wildly partial. These aren’t balanced, measured, (dare I say tepid?) “I like this, but must concede that it has a few flaws… yawneroo!” reviews. No, here we specialize in “OMG, I love this!” squeefests. In fact, we are so full-on hardcore totally partial that my Fave... read more

Torchlight: Hack, slash, repeat!

If you took Rogue, NetHack, Diablo, Diablo II and Fate, threw them all in a blender, then strained the pure awesomeness out into a brand new game you would be sued for copyright... read more

It time for Hulk party, it time for fun.

The Incredible Hulk has become a sort of house mascot for Matt and me: for my birthday two years ago we had a “Hulk” themed board game party, kicking off the festivities with a Hulk themed drinks, a practically life-sized foil balloon, a poster, a dish soap dispenser and Don’t Wake Hulk. We had so many people that we ran out of markers... read more

SPOILER ALERT: it might be about Jesus

So, you’re nearing retirement. The electric company hired you straight out of high school, and you know your job is important, but you’ve never really liked it. Opportunity knocked at just the right time, and you’re not ambitious. Besides, what you really wanted to do was direct. You had one instant of audacity when you were still young,... read more

The Native Star: Bustlepunk revolution

Portlander M.K. Hobson’s debut novel The Native Star is fantasy deliciousness of the first order. I want at least three sequels and a high budget SyFy original series. It would be Deadwood meets True Blood meets Xena, and would melt underwear across the nation. Guaranteed. Eight reasons why... read more

Oh, Ontario. Oh, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

First off, let me say that I don’t know anything about the Weakerthans. They’re Canadian, I guess? They could be the most obscure indie rock band ever, or they could be so huge that everyone reading this is going to punch a kitten if they hear that damn Weakerthans song one more time. I guess I just don’t keep up that much any more. But... read more
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