Reason for the season

So we’ve just had the gates open for the holiday rush. While I think people worry too much about buying presents for Christmas, I have no philosophical objection to them. In fact, I think presents themselves are the bee’s knees, both the getting and the giving. Of course, a hefty swath of our Western population is only making a list and... read more

The Other Three Hour Tour

Costume dramas. Costume dramas with Eddie Izzard dancing the Charleston, adventures at sea, starlets, rich eccentrics, guys who catch cannonballs with their stomachs and... crime! read more

The Boyz in Passaic NJ

Be Kind Rewind has a ridiculous premise: kind, patient Mr. Fletcher is trying to make a living renting VHS tapes. In 2008. When he goes on a business trip, his faithful employee... read more

Of course we’re also thankful for YOU

To celebrate Thanksgiving, and since yesterday marked our 100th post (that’s a random coincidence I just noticed when I went in to set this up, but still) here’s a bunch of stuff we’re grateful for. For starters, I’m grateful to all these folks for sharing their favorite things with this site and with the world… Things... read more

Tiny. Groovy. Different.

I have been known to read comics about talking dinosaurs. In this whimsical vein, I learned that in 2008, a talking dinosaur received a letter from a miniature mayoral mammoth... read more

Face the wrath of matching gems, cur!

If you know me at all, you know that I have no shortage of video game options. I have an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii. I have a computer with wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up in the living room so I can play Torchlight on the big screen. I have an old PS2 laying around just in case of Psychonauts-related emergencies, and a NES knockoff that plays the... read more

Hugh Dillon: Canada’s finest Joe

I'm on another ramble through Canadiana today, starting with the reasonably okay and working upward to utter greatness: I have been known to watch and enjoy the very occasional... read more

Kindle: One handed reading

The absolutely best thing about the Kindle is that it makes one handed reading extremely comfortable. Okay, don’t look at me like that! I don’t mean anything risqué, though that’s certainly a possibility, especially when reading — oh, for example — Rose’s naughty, page-turning Regency romance In for a Penny. Read more deeply I love... read more
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