Favorite whatevers of 2010

Everybody on the web is doing Best of 2010 lists. I’ll let you in on a little journalism secret, here: it’s mindless content that you can knock out well ahead of time so you can take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. If you assumed we’d have an ordered, coherent list of the year’s best, however, then you... read more

Baggage in Big-Boy Pants

You know how when you meet someone who’s totally out of your league and you hope it’s not too good to be true? Cyrus reminds us that it is always too good to be true. Cyrus stars John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill and Catherine Keener. The cast is alone is reason enough to see this film. Reilly stars as John, a lonely man who can’t get over... read more

Because the radio played

So Alyx previously posted about Hugh Dillon and his new album Works Well With Others, which I absolutely adore. But there’s been exciting news on the Hugh Dillon front that has me feeling nostalgic, and I want to take a moment to post about his first band, the Headstones. The Headstones were a 90s Canadian hard rock band (according to Wikipedia, they... read more

She *was* an American Girl…

Okay, spoiler alert: the girl in the poster? Dies in the first minute of the movie. Also, she has a nearly impenetrable French accent. This is not truth in advertising, is what I’m saying. She’s not the Red Blooded American Girl. She’s the Boobtacular Frenchwoman Who Dies Before the Opening Credits. The actual red-blooded American... read more

You and me and the moon

Moon is a 2009 film starring Sam Rockwell as guy (also named Sam, which is not surprising, since Duncan Jones, a.k.a. Zowie Bowie, wrote the movie specifically with Sam Rockwell... read more

My love for James Franco, validated

Joel Stein just declared James Franco the “Coolest Person of the Year” in the most recent issue of Time. There’s also something in there about Mark Zuckerberg, but this isn’t about him. This is about the man who recently appeared in drag on the cover of Candy, and freaking rocked it. I love James Franco because he’s full of surprises. He’s... read more

“The world did, Arthur.”

I think I was poking around Hulu one day when I found Starlee and Arthur Review. It is a tiny series, in all senses of the word: few of its 12 episodes even make it to four minutes, and they focus on the groovy minutiae of the world, from the way episodes of Lost intersect with episodes of Gilligan’s Island, to which Hugh Grant romantic comedies are... read more

Lost Girl: Behold the power of cheese

The first time I tried to watch Lost Girl, somebody got decapitated on the show, and observing the corpse, the show’s protagonist said “People are really starting to lose their heads!” So I changed the channel, because I’m not going to live forever, you know? I could die at any moment, and I’ll haunt this apartment for sure if... read more
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