Lost Girl: Behold the power of cheese

The first time I tried to watch Lost Girl, somebody got decapitated on the show, and observing the corpse, the show’s protagonist said “People are really starting to lose their heads!”

So I changed the channel, because I’m not going to live forever, you know? I could die at any moment, and I’ll haunt this apartment for sure if I die immediately after hearing that hoary old chestnut yet again.

But then, I don’t know. I had a boring Sunday night, or I read a positive review or whatnot, so I watched the show again, and the next thing I knew, Lost Girl was my regular Sunday-night thing, so beloved that I watched the rerun of the new Dexter on Mondays instead because it ran in Lost Girl‘s timeslot.

Lost Girl is a brazen pastiche of most of the supernatural dramas you’ve seen. It has graduated summa cum laude from the Because I Said So School of Writing. It’s a cheesy, campy, winking, formulaic, exploitative schlock-o-rama.

So, yes: it’s a window into your rich fantasy life.

You know, where you’re brilliant and sexy and powerful and you never do anything wrong, and everyone you know is in love with you? And sometimes you get into scrapes, because even in your fantasies you accept that a story is nothing without conflict, but really those conflicts only serve to emphasize just how perfect you are, and how adored?

That thing?

(You do that too, right?)

Lost Girl is weird, and funny, and imaginative, and it’s pulled off the amazing feat of a 100% likeable cast, including:

Anna Silk (aka The Nic Fit Stewardess From the Nicorette Ad) as Bo, the neophyte succubus who swings both ways, refuses to take sides in the centuries-old divide between the Light and Dark Fae, and is improbably perky basically all the time for a woman who accidentally killed her first love, then kept on killing for ten years, fleeing from town to town after every involuntary manslaughter.

Kris Holden-Reid as Dyson, the rich man’s Chris Martin and workaday warwilf who deludes himself that he can pull off the button-up vest/rolled-up sleeves look, uses his job with the police department to cover up the many, many supernatural murders that happen in his town, and has a way of gleaming at Bo and her BFF that convinces you he really does love them as much as he’s meant to.

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Bo’s gothy, wisecracking BFF and roommate, a former thief and street kid who owns about 700 wigs, manages Bo’s new private investigation firm for her, and still steals stuff occasionally when it suits her. She’s the only human on the show, and as such, acts as your anchor, reacting to all its weirdness the way anybody would: with a big, fat, juicy WTF.

Rick Howland as Trick, the weary, kind-eyed O/O of the nondenominational Fae watering hole, a blood sage (because I said so, remember,) some kind of king something-something, friend to Bo and Dyson and drinking buddy/father figure to Kenzi, who’s often dumped off at the bar like a maltipoo at a kennel to keep herself entertained while Bo is away elsewhere getting in trouble or fucking somebody.

The cast has amazing chemistry, and while the whole Fae mythology situation is seriously loosey-goosey, the show never goes halfway with any of its weird creatures, and even the queer political stuff with the Light and Dark Fae is never dull.

Even when this show is at its dumbest, it has a certain charm. I just saw an episode recently in which one of Bo’s loved ones raped another of her loved ones–kind of a supernatural roofies situation–and afterward, the victim was basically fine with it, and Bo sympathized with the assailant, and the show just… brushed that off.

At any other time, I’d have been outraged–I quit watching Californication after its “funny” rape scene–but this time around, I was all, “Oh, you” and shaking my head affectionately and stuff.

People get murdered left and right on Lost Girl and it never really matters. It’s like Highlander: The Series that way. It’s like Buffy in that its storylines often illuminate the dark side of real-life situations, and Bo often has comical dealings with other Fae. (Its romantic subplot recalls Buffy/Angel, as well.)

Bo’s romantic relationship with the doctor who’s trying to cure or at least control her condition recalls Nick and Natalie on Forever Knight. The interference of the Light and Dark Fae is similar to that of the vampire law enforcement thingy on True Blood.

It’s the perfect show for anyone who’s already seen every episode of their big guilty pleasure, is what I’m saying, or if it’s on hiatus for the year. It’s got something for everyone, and high production values, and a great soundtrack, and believe it or not, almost none of the acting is subpar.

Plus there are steamy sex scenes in nearly every episode (though not between gay dudes. Sorry, gay dudes. I heard The Lair is pretty good..?)

Lost Girl has only just finished out its first season, so it’s not yet available on DVD, but you can watch it in reruns on Showcase, or stream it on their web site (in Canada only) or you could acquire it… by other means.

Not that I would ever encourage you to do that. I do encourage you to give this show a chance, though, because it’s a rockin’ space adventure, and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t like it.

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Melodie Ladner lives and works in the Greater Vancouver area, and is probably eating something unhealthful out of a bag at this very moment.

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15 Responses to “Lost Girl: Behold the power of cheese”

  1. Penni says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this show. It sounds awesome and now I miss something that I’ve never had.

    • Melodie says:

      I’d be shocked if you couldn’t get it on DVD sometime soon. It’s been picked up for another season and Showcase is promoting the hell out of it.

  2. kormantic says:

    Oh, Canada. Maybe they’ll try importing this one along with all the cop shows we’ve ben picking up.

    Succubus? I hardly knew her!

    • Melodie says:

      Maybe! They do say the S word a lot, though, and there’s some lady-on-lady lovin’, so I don’t know if it’d make it onto a network.

      Syfy, maybe..?

  3. kelly says:

    I’ve been staring at posters for this show in the Skytrain stations for months. I’m so grateful to have the 411 from you, I JUST CAN’T SAY HOW MUCH.

    • Melodie says:

      Dooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. You will not have regrets.

    • rose says:

      I am seconding the motion–you NEED to watch this!

    • Liz says:

      Come on. I know that you watched Torchwood. This is even CANADIAN… and there are hot pansexual antics that include hot chick-on-chick action.

      I have, on occasion, licked the television screen after some of the steamier scenes. (That doesn’t make me *weird*, right?)

      • Melodie says:

        I don’t know who this is directed at exactly, but I never watched Torchwood. Also, I think it is Okay to lick a monitor as long as it belongs to you or else you have permission.

  4. rose says:

    Oh man, I just watched the first season of this over the last two days. I LOVED it. It is SO entertaining and as you say every single cast member is incredibly charming! I adore Hale, too–I hope he gets more to do next season.

  5. Matt says:

    We had a giant Xmas day Lost Girl Marathon! But now it is over! Damn you, Canadian television, and your 13-episode seasons (if this were an american show it would have been padded with 10 extra, pointless episodes about Bo and Kenzie trying to find the loch ness monster or something).

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