Favorite Bakula ever: Quantum Leap

One day I was tip-tapping away at something and the great sea that is teh intrawebs washed up a little note in a bottle’s worth of beautiful, golden information. It said, “Hey, Alyx, Quantum Leap season one is coming out on DVD.” I pondered that for awhile, ponder in this case being a word than means “ran around the house making... read more

White Nights, No Tights

I saw Black Swan last week: it was visually fantastic, emotionally freaky and overwrought, and it cranked the Lesbian to 11. It was a strangely satisfying film that a) made you really appreciate the work dancers put into performing and b) made you very glad that Barbara Hershey isn’t your mom. It’ll probably win a peck of Golden Globes and/or... read more

A Bromance for the Ages

Even if you’ve never heard of the improv duo TJ and Dave, you know TJ and Dave. TJ Jagodowski is the fair-haired guy in the Sonic commercials. TJ’s had several movie roles, including a small role in Stranger Than Fiction. Dave Pasquesi is that guy who looks a lot like Adrien Brody. He’s also had a lot of movie roles, as well as the recurring role... read more

Talk to your kids about werewolves

Howling II - Your Sister Is a Werewolf is really something I think we can all relate to. You're at your sister's funeral, bummed out as all heck, and some creepy old dude you never saw before... read more

You’ll be persuaded (of… um…)

My new favorite thing in the world is the 1971 TV show The Persuaders! It features an uptight English lord, Brett Sinclair (played by Roger Moore), and a happy-go-lucky New York oil... read more

Creepy deliciousness…

Gothic fiction is defined by our fave Wiki as “a genre of fiction that combines horror with romance.” When I think of this genre, I think of shadowy, ill-lit mansions, malformed butlers with secrets, monstrosities, rivers of blood, and a pretty ingenue or two to take it all in… or perhaps to be destroyed by same. Black taffeta dragging... read more

The cure for the fat-bottom blues

Guys, it’s time we tackled a very sensitive subject. I realize this isn’t something we talk about in public very often, but it’s for your own good that I’m bringing this up, and you need to hear what I’m about to tell you. That’s right; it’s time we talked about your wallet. Look, I understand the appeal of having... read more

Comedy 101: Who farted?

After my husband Rich and our four-year-old son Sam returned from the store Monday evening, I found them in the living room chuckling as they stuffed something under the couch cushion... read more
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