Tana French: Gloriously sordid

One of my favorite things to do on or before a vacation is to hit a bookstore and prowl through the mystery and true crime sections, searching for books that combine reasonably deft writing with somewhat gothic content: child disappearances, dark forgotten secrets, people living double lives. Arty stuff, you know, on that thin-thin line between a soupcon of... read more

Pip pip, old bean, what ho?

Let’s say it’s a gray, rainy day where you are (it’s a gray, rainy day where I am. No, really.) You’re slightly depressed by the rain, and could use something to cheer you up, something light and funny and happy. But you want to actually think a little bit, too. And the story has to be good enough to keep you involved, so you... read more

I believe in Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

If Jesus were alive today, he would write this post. Hanging out with his buds on cold winter nights, drinking brews and eating corn chips, around midnight he’d always say, “Let’s watch my movie!”... read more

Every little boy needs a girl

Scanners 2 is the story of David Kellum, veterinary student and hockey-haired farm boy, just trying to make his way in the hustle and the bustle of the Big City. (They never say which city, but since he’s from Vermont I’ve defaulted to New York, even though the movie was shot in Montreal.) He’s been suffering from terrible migraines since... read more

Pride, Prejudice, Pizza and Pemberly!

The first time I watched the A&E Miniseries Pride and Prejudice on DVD (I’d seen the original mini-series airing on cable), I invited my mom over for pizza, mom-daughter bonding and some quality time with Colin Firth’s Darcy. My mom didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I had: “But what about the scene with the parrot?... read more

Ain’t No Party Like a Regency House Party

Regency House Party looks available for viewing online in its entirety… if you live in the UK, maybe? It wouldn’t let me play these episodes, but the site is handsome and the episode descriptions are syrupy soap-opera-y fun. I actually forked out the cash to buy the series through PBS, and while the packaging is minimal and flimsy (you would think... read more

Your words in print, your name in lights

In May of 2005, Ariel Gore’s friend Allison Crews sent Ariel an e-mail asking her to be Allison’s mentor. She agreed to Allison’s request, but the two were not able to get together for the mentorship to begin. One month after she sent the e-mail, Allison had a seizure and passed away at the age of twenty-three. How to Become a Famous Writer... read more

Booze it Up at the Red Dragon Inn

You’re a mighty adventurer in a land of sorcery and steel. A legendary wizard. A powerful warrior. A deadly rogue. You spend your days slaying dragons and crawling through dungeons, accumulating treasure and renown. Theoretically, at any rate. Because none of that stuff happens in The Red Dragon Inn. The Red Dragon Inn is a game about sitting around... read more
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