Dumb Dewey and the fast train

My mom tried to convince me to watch Unstoppable a while ago but I declined. For some reason, I thought it was just a fancy version of the movie Speed. I have to admit here in front of you all that my mother was right and I was wrong. In 2001, an engineer got off a slow-moving train to correctly line a switch. He thought he had set the train’s dynamic... read more

And the Emmy goes to…

Fastlane is a show about three cops. (1) Van, an undercover cop who hates lying and grew up helping his dad forge currency and bonds, and who is played by Carlisle from Twilight, (2) Deaq, an undercover cop who used to be in a gang until he turned his life around, played by Bill Bellamy, and (3) Billie, their hard-ass boss who loves fast cars and low-cut... read more

The grift that keeps on giving

Here are two things you’ll need to know about me if you’re ever forced to explain me to aliens from outer space: One, I’d take on all my cat’s ailments and her poor life expectancy right now if I could–she means that much to me. Two, I frittered away one whole summer a few years back getting drunk and watching I Know Who Killed... read more

The Monster at the End of This Book

The first book I ever read on my own was Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. I remember being so proud that I carried it around the house offering to perform it for anyone who would listen. I also recall not being completely sure if I was truly reading or if I just had the words memorized (I was a weird, introspective little kid). Nevertheless, from that... read more

Neko Case and the hungry unknown

Neko Case.  She has a long, mournful voice.  Her songs jangle in your head, weird and passionate, heavy and alive in your chest when you sing along. When I moved to Seattle a few years ago, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood had just come out. I bought it on a Saturday in March and twisted my ankle walking home from the record shop.  I had to crawl out of... read more

Twitch City – Lick Molly Parker now!

Let’s just get one thing out of the way here. The main reason Twitch City is so great is that Molly Parker is lickable. Not likable (though she’s that too), but lick-able, in that she must be licked. I am sure that everyone in the world will agree with me. Some will add that Callum Keith Rennie must also be licked, and I can’t argue with... read more

Swooning Smella and her heaving bosom

I love it when I pick up a book and feel that the author is a kindred spirit.  That’s the feeling I got when I read PJ Jones’s Romance Novel. Though some folks regard parody as satire’s hillbilly cousin, I’ve always believed that a smart parody can brighten any day.  Romance Novel skewers romance novels (duh), vampire novels (easy target, but... read more

Get your Snakebite here!

Minette Walters has a thing about persecution. It’s not big-scale organized prejudiced thuggery so much that interests her, but the petty scapegoating, by random crowds, of whoever’s handiest and most vulnerable. In The Ice House, three women are outsiders in their home town because it’s assumed they are lesbians; in The Sculptress, the... read more
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