Brunets, not fighter jets

Wikipedia tells me that Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie were roomies at film school before forming the band Flight of the Conchords. Also, Bret was an elf in Peter Jackson's.... read more

Fluevog: The source of self love

Other Matt totally scooped me when he reviewed his shoes last week. But that’s ok, because he can’t possibly love his slouchy casual runners as much as I love my elegant kickass ladyheels. Just look at these gorgeous, sexy heels. Every time I wear them, strangers compliment me. They beg me to tell them where I bought them, tell me they’re fantastic.... read more

Amish people don’t have these problems

Oh my god, man, is there anything better than horror movies from the 70s? They’re always so fucked up and cerebral, like they’re trying to alter your brain chemistry, and I don’t even know why. (Something about acid and Vietnam..?) All I know is, although I haven’t seen every single 70s horror movie, every single one I’ve seen... read more

Loving Life! And Life! And, um…

Life really does have infinite diversity: it must, because I keep ending up at the same place in the DVD store. Seriously, three of my all time favorite things ever have the same title, or damn near it: there’s a Damien Lewis detective series, Life, the BBC Version of Life On Mars, and, finally the BBC’s various “Life of,” series, all presented by... read more

Best Lifetime fluff ever

Aspiring model Deb is on the way to an audition in her convertible talking on her cell phone when she hits a truck carrying oranges.  Deb dies, but sees it as a miscarriage of justice and hits the ‘return’ button in Heaven.  At the same time, frumpy attorney Jane is near death after taking a bullet intended for her hotshot boss.  Deb ends up in... read more

Cosmic Encounter: Galactic conquest!

“Hey, this looks kind of cool.” This was my introduction to Cosmic Encounter. My friend and I were around 14, gainfully employed as paperboys and looking for a way to use some of our excess cash. (At 14, pretty much all our cash was excess cash.) He had picked the game up off the shelf at the toys and hobbies store we were wandering through. He... read more

Working Class Heroes: Top 10

Alan Moore is a legend in the world of comics. Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The dude himself is I guess kind of a creepy old hermit, but his writing... read more

The lease did promise Quiet Enjoyment

Knock on wood, I have pretty good Apartment Karma. The worst neighbour I’ve ever had was my first neighbour: a stay-at-home crazy person who woke me after my first night in my suite by hammering on our shared wall with both fists and screaming FUCKERS!!! over and over again. (It’s funny now, but at the time I felt like Tom Hanks in Big when he... read more
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