He really did have a cunning plan

There are a number of television series from the UK that have ingrained themselves into American geek culture. Shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which practically defines all English-speaking geekdom, or Red Dwarf, regarded as the in-joke amongst Anglophile sci-fi nerds. Dr. Who does well, indeed is much more popular than Red Dwarf although... read more

Don’t bother pumping the brakes

After an exhaustive fifteen-minute search on the internet, I can find no evidence that the movie I’m about to tell you about actually exists.  This will have to be a favorite memory ever, since that’s what I’m working with.  I hereby promise that the following movie actually was made and aired on a public television channel in Arkansas. I was around... read more

On the subject of my mug

Before I heard of National Novel Writing Month, I was satisfied with regulation mugs. I had several, and used them in rotation. But NaNoWriMo demanded greater focus and... read more