Three seasons of perfection

Slings and Arrows. It just may be that Slings and Arrows is the most perfect series ever televised. Clever, funny and wise, it makes shameless use of the fact that “all the word is a stage” but somehow never feels ridiculous, even when the actions of the cast are patently silly. Lead by Paul Gross, an actor who may actually be just as good as he... read more

O Bridget Fonda, where art thou?

I have to admit that I’ve never seen La Femme Nikita. My opinion of Point of No Return might be different if I had. But nothing could change my opinion of Bridget Fonda. read more

Hush: Notorious

Hush tells the tragic story of Callie: a small-town girl of modest means, a humble girl from a humble background, a simple, innocent girl whose only crime in this life was falling for The Wrong Guy. Love came calling when she was just eighteen, and he was a more seasoned twenty-five. Alas, he didn’t share her dream of getting hitched and staying put... read more

The Untold Wonders of Beartato

I have this thing where I compulsively register domain names. I get a germ of an idea and immediately start hunting for a website name, registering it on the spot when I inevitably come up with something I can’t believe no one has taken already. Seriously, I had a good solid year before the site went up (and this is also why it... read more

Dumb Dewey and the fast train

My mom tried to convince me to watch Unstoppable a while ago but I declined. For some reason, I thought it was just a fancy version of the movie Speed. I have to admit here in front of you all that my mother was right and I was wrong. In 2001, an engineer got off a slow-moving train to correctly line a switch. He thought he had set the train’s dynamic... read more

And the Emmy goes to…

Fastlane is a show about three cops. (1) Van, an undercover cop who hates lying and grew up helping his dad forge currency and bonds, and who is played by Carlisle from Twilight, (2) Deaq, an undercover cop who used to be in a gang until he turned his life around, played by Bill Bellamy, and (3) Billie, their hard-ass boss who loves fast cars and low-cut... read more

The grift that keeps on giving

Here are two things you’ll need to know about me if you’re ever forced to explain me to aliens from outer space: One, I’d take on all my cat’s ailments and her poor life expectancy right now if I could–she means that much to me. Two, I frittered away one whole summer a few years back getting drunk and watching I Know Who Killed... read more

The Monster at the End of This Book

The first book I ever read on my own was Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. I remember being so proud that I carried it around the house offering to perform it for anyone who would listen. I also recall not being completely sure if I was truly reading or if I just had the words memorized (I was a weird, introspective little kid). Nevertheless, from that... read more
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