It’s never too late for Yuletide!

This may shock you, but my holiday traditions have a lot to do with gift exchanges. The catch is that these gifts have specific requirements: they must be rare, they must be personalized, and they must be handmade using only found materials. Yes, yes, it’s all very green, but it’s also entirely awesome, because I’m not talking about... read more

Sci-Fi with a wink, a smile and a plot

In December of 1999 I was taken to St. Mark’s hospital in Metro Manila to have my gallbladder removed. For the next few days, my doctor and the incredibly attentive staff worried about the state of my internal organs. Me, I was higher than a kite on whatever it was they put in my drip line, and figured that any place that calls itself “the most... read more

Six penguins and (a clothed) Carla Gugino

The closest movie theater to our house hosts a free kid’s movie every weekend during the fall. This selection a few months ago was Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I only went because my son was a bit stir-crazy and it was free entertainment. Once again, low expectations made the movie enjoyable. I’ve decided it’s best to be prepared for cinematic crap... read more

Taking jobs away from the REAL fuggos

Like many people of my generation, I went through a little bit of a Christian Slater phase. First it was Heathers, then Pump Up the Volume, then Untamed Heart... and then I saw Kuffs, and... read more