What time is it? (Adventure Time!)

What time is it? It’s Adventure Time! Come on, grab your friends! And a handy view screen with a solid cable connection.

I can’t actually recommend that you buy the DVDs currently available, because for some weird reason, they don’t sell entire seasons? Who knows why. Happily, you can see episodes on Cartoon Network.

The cartoon has huge, strong colors and a fluid style. The show focuses on Finn the Human Boy, tireless seeker of funtimes and pure-hearted and chivalrous defender of the helpless, and his adopted brother Jake. Jake happens to be a magical dog who also enjoys adventuring, as well as hanging with his girlfriend (the Lady Raincorn, who is, as her name suggests, part rainbow and part unicorn), and playing the viola. Finn may exclaim that something is “mathematical!” if he thinks it’s boss, and the show itself is… as weird and vivid and bonkers as a fever dream.

The first episode I ever saw was called Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (thanks, Mel!), and it was soooooo out there that it might not be the most ideal introduction to the show – I encourage you to start at the beginning, so you can catch the show’s rhythm and then let the wilder events rock you in some kind of context.

The show has adorable voicework, and the raspy comedy stylings of John DiMaggio (who also voiced Bender in Futurama) as the foundation for a kaleidoscopic mix of color, imagination and a curiously charming respect for non-traditional gender roles. On the one hand, it seems nearly every female that Finn and Jake run into happens to be a princess; on the other, Jake in particular is completely cool with getting in touch with his feminine side.

As for the princesses themselves, Princess Bubblegum is the iron hand in the pink velvet glove that rules The Candy Kingdom – and she’s also a brilliant yet reckless scientist! Hotdog Princess and Slime Princess also adorn the Land of Ooo, but the bossy, dismissive Lumpy Space Princess, known to her pals as LSP, is hands down my favorite, and also voiced by Pendleton Ward, the show’s creator. In continuing with the theme of royal girlness, we finish with Marcelene The Vampire Queen, a perpetually teen goth badass who plays the electric guitar and pretends to be Evil now and again. You know, for kicks.

My “real” introduction to Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time was actually the first issue of the Boom-Studios comic, written by Ryan North. Yes, that Ryan North!

The art in the first story is naturally just like that of the actual cartoon, with an original second comic by a guest artist who riffs on the Adventure Time gang on their own. In the comic, you can take more time to really look at each page to get the tiny details and the groovy in-jokes. (Keep your eye out for the T-Rex cameo! ) And there’s hovertext! Woo!

So, to sum up: Adventure Time is demented, thrilling random genius, both in film and comic form!

The second issue of the comic comes out today, so go buy it at your local comic shoppe!

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7 Responses to “What time is it? (Adventure Time!)”

  1. Nate says:

    Adventure time is a nexus of awesomeness, and I’m slightly jealous that you beat me to the punch on this one. But here’s a fun fact: the voice of Marcelene (Olivia Olson) is also the voice of Vanessa (the semi-evil goth teen daughter of an evil scientist) in Phineas and Ferb. Apparently she’s…good at playing goth teens? Don’t really know where I was going with this.

    • kormantic says:

      Have you seen the comic, though? IT’S SO ALGEBRAIC!

    • kormantic says:

      Also Pendleton Ward is going to be at Emerald City Comic Con, along with Ryan North and Anthony Clark of Beartato and also the woman who plays the voice of Twilight Sparkle on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Which I like a lot, but is not my favorite, although TS IS in fact my favorite of everypony on the show.

  2. matt says:

    We’re working our way through Season 2, and Adventure Time just keeps blowing my mind with how freaking WEIRD it lets itself be. When an episode ended like THIS, I literally screamed (like, with a genuine mixture of bewilderment and terror).

    • kormantic says:

      I know, right? My eyes get all swirly when I watch this show, and sometimes I’m not sure what happened on screen, and I’m often confused about what I’m supposed to THINK about what happened… (“Let’s eat Cinnamon Bun!”)

  3. Penni says:


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