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Fantasy Characters Behaving Politely

The problem with most popular fantasy is that it’s all reactions to Tolkien, either following staunchly in his footsteps (like David Eddings) or trying to deconstruct the heroic fantasy archetype (like Terry Pratchett). It’s a rare fantasy novel that ignores ol’ J. R. R. altogether. But Susanna Clarke’s first novel draws far more from Pride and Prejudice than Return of the King and is an altogether... read more

The Native Star: Bustlepunk revolution

Portlander M.K. Hobson’s debut novel The Native Star is fantasy deliciousness of the first order. I want at least three sequels and a high budget SyFy original series. It would be Deadwood meets True Blood meets Xena, and would melt underwear across the nation. Guaranteed. Eight reasons why... read more