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Minette Walters has a thing about persecution. It’s not big-scale organized prejudiced thuggery so much that interests her, but the petty scapegoating, by random crowds, of whoever’s handiest and most vulnerable. In The Ice House, three women are outsiders in their home town because it’s assumed they are lesbians; in The Sculptress, the central character is ostracized because she’s... read more

You should totally get Baked.

I love crime capers.  I gobble them up like buttered popcorn.  My favorite of this genre in recent years is Mark Haskell Smith, who was kind enough to accept my Facebook friend request... read more

Tana French: Gloriously sordid

One of my favorite things to do on or before a vacation is to hit a bookstore and prowl through the mystery and true crime sections, searching for books that combine reasonably deft writing with somewhat gothic content: child disappearances, dark forgotten secrets, people living double lives. Arty stuff, you know, on that thin-thin line between a soupcon of sleaze and ewww, that’s totally gross! I... read more

Taste a little Boomtown

So if the point of Favorite Thing Ever is to make you feel an overwhelming desire to share our passion for the things we love, the question for your favorite columnist is: how do we hook you? Back in 2002, The Spike (yes, again!) hooked me on this new cop show, Boomtown, by telling me about David McNorris. She characterized him as a Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney, a real straight arrow… at... read more