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Favorite Bakula ever: Quantum Leap

One day I was tip-tapping away at something and the great sea that is teh intrawebs washed up a little note in a bottle’s worth of beautiful, golden information. It said, “Hey, Alyx, Quantum Leap season one is coming out on DVD.” I pondered that for awhile, ponder in this case being a word than means “ran around the house making noises like a tea kettle in my excitement,” and... read more

Delicious homebaked Armageddon

Here at Favorite Thing Ever we make a point of being wildly partial. These aren’t balanced, measured, (dare I say tepid?) “I like this, but must concede that it has a few flaws… yawneroo!” reviews. No, here we specialize in “OMG, I love this!” squeefests. In fact, we are so full-on hardcore totally partial that my Fave Peeps Ever have been after me to prove it by... read more

Choose Your Own Zombocalypse

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books you read as a kid? Devouring them breathlessly with multiple fingers stuck in the pages so you could navigate your way back if things went south? Pulling out your hair trying to get to that damned cloud city ending (spoiler alert: you couldn’t) in “Inside UFO 54-40”? Checking one out from the school library and trying to convince your teacher... read more