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Dying Bites – Monster Majority!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Sexy kickass heroine battles werewolves and vampires in a world that is beyond her control. You’ve heard it right? Bought the t-shirt, wore it for a few years, and now it’s lurking crumpled and tatty at the back of your closet? Nope, you haven’t heard this. D.D. Barant’s Dying Bites is better than that in every way that matters. Our sexy kickass fed... read more

The only wizard in the Chicago Yellow Pages

About six years ago, I heard about a series of noir detective novels starring a wizard private eye: the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Here was the kicker: the audiobooks were narrated by James Marsters, a.k.a. Spike from Buffy. I thought he was the sexiest thing ever to wear a leather duster. I would have listened to him read the phonebook. I was sold. For some reason I couldn’t get ahold of the... read more

Delicious homebaked Armageddon

Here at Favorite Thing Ever we make a point of being wildly partial. These aren’t balanced, measured, (dare I say tepid?) “I like this, but must concede that it has a few flaws… yawneroo!” reviews. No, here we specialize in “OMG, I love this!” squeefests. In fact, we are so full-on hardcore totally partial that my Fave Peeps Ever have been after me to prove it by... read more