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Everything I ever wanted: iPod Touch

When someone pulls out their iPhone, I think: SUCKER! My little iPod Touch does nearly everything an iPhone does, with one important added benefit: Nobody can phone me on it. I hate the telephone. You hate the telephone. We are all lucky enough to live in a world where most of the time we no longer need the telephone. So why are people paying at least $60 every month (more likely $90 or $150) for their... read more

Ira Glass will enhance YOUR American life

Ira Glass. IRA GLASS! Allow me to introduce you to Ira Glass: Ira Glass introduced me to Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris. He has been my radio boyfriend since forever, or at least 1995 when This American Life first aired. Probably before I even knew who he was – I actually remember the NPR segment where they interviewed people who were rescuing birds from the Exxon Valdez disaster by washing them with... read more

It’s a world of (s)laughter after all

When it comes to board games, I imagine there are people in this world who are Risk-neutral. However, I do not know these people. When I bring up that particular game, I generally get one of two reactions: The first is an immediate offer to join a game anywhere, at any time, accompanied by a slightly terrifying, wild-eyed glare that hints of world conquest and eagerness to crush enemies mercilessly... read more

Your other kind of Robin Hood

Rose’s post about Robin of Sherwood made me all weepy and nostalgic for my own all-time favorite version of Robin Hood: Maid Marian and Her Merry Men. It’s a British kid’s show made way back in 1989-1993 that spoofs Robin of Sherwood. Maid Marian and Her Merry Men is a heaping helping of ridiculous idiocy created by Tony Robinson (Balderick on Blackadder). He also plays the Sherrif of... read more

Superhero action, live without a net

First off, let me get this out of the way: the second volume of Young Avengers is crap. They pulled this “OMG, his superpowers are from drugs!” thing that I hate probably more than any other cliché in comics, and at that point even the interesting Hulkling secret origin stuff that followed couldn’t save the series for me. They had already squandered the limitless potential set up in... read more

I love potatoes so much, you guys

Potatoes. So many forms: from the mashed potato to The Mashed Potato, from the couch potato to the venerable Mr. Potato Head, potatoes (gluten and soy free!) are full of starchy goodness that can be extruded as hyperbolic paraboloids called Pringles or leaked into vodka. Truly, they are magical. One summer, I was so very wretchedly poor that I lived entirely on potatoes and peanut butter toast. ... read more

Darksiders game is freakin’ METAL

Anyone who has owned a Nintendo video game console in the past two decades knows how the 3D Zelda games play out. They’re extremely well crafted and they’re fun as hell, but it’s not like Nintendo has been messing with the formula a whole bunch. You go into a dungeon, you find the map and the compass, which lead you to the boomerang, which you’ll need to light torches and beat the... read more

On Mars with Michael Bishop

Five minutes ago I was invited to contribute to this blog. I didn’t even blink before I accepted because it gives me the opportunity to gibber fannishly about my all time, most splendid, most timeless fantastico fave thing. No other favourite thing comes close to this. What, you might ask, could make my bum hum so ecstatically? Is it Salma Hayek clad only in those glasses she wore during the pole dancing... read more
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