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(Doctor) Who Ya Gonna Call?

If you’ve already watched Doctor Who and didn’t like it I’m probably not going to win you over. I get it; it’s not for everyone! But if you’ve been avoiding new Doctor Who because the words “Doctor Who” conjure up memories of some guy on PBS in a long scarf and a weird hat, read on. I was like you once. To be specific, I was like you up until October of 2015.... read more

Sweeter than a Hertz donut

And now, an imaginary conversation between me and my moms. "Dude, you totally have to see Sucker Punch." "What's that?" "You totally have to see Sucker Punch." read more

Charles and Erik: MORTAL FRENEMIES

Here's the thing: I usually try to focus my FTE posts on stuff that's at least a little bit under the radar. Of course there are exceptions (um, hello, Elf), but for the most part I figure the optimum use... read more

Ass-kicking after homeroom

I don’t read comic books.  Please don’t hate me.  I read lots of things, but not comic books.   (Yes, Matt, I’m dead to you.) The best thing about this is that I watched Kick-Ass with no expectations.  I thought it was going to be a light, high-schoolesque movie with no lasting impression.  I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. If you’ve seen Election and have good taste, you’ve been... read more

True Romance: It ain’t white boy day.

When I was in college, I did a paper on True Romance for a film class. I don’t remember where the info came from, but I learned that Quentin Tarantino sold TR to Tony Scott for $50,000... read more

O Bridget Fonda, where art thou?

I have to admit that I’ve never seen La Femme Nikita. My opinion of Point of No Return might be different if I had. But nothing could change my opinion of Bridget Fonda. read more

Dumb Dewey and the fast train

My mom tried to convince me to watch Unstoppable a while ago but I declined. For some reason, I thought it was just a fancy version of the movie Speed. I have to admit here in front of you all that my mother was right and I was wrong. In 2001, an engineer got off a slow-moving train to correctly line a switch. He thought he had set the train’s dynamic braking system but he hadn’t. The unmanned... read more

And the Emmy goes to…

Fastlane is a show about three cops. (1) Van, an undercover cop who hates lying and grew up helping his dad forge currency and bonds, and who is played by Carlisle from Twilight, (2) Deaq, an undercover cop who used to be in a gang until he turned his life around, played by Bill Bellamy, and (3) Billie, their hard-ass boss who loves fast cars and low-cut shirts and used to be addicted to heroin, played by... read more
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