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Bad wigs, big lungs, good times!

Wigs. Heels. Excessive makeup. No, it’s not drag! It’s Cher! and Christina! And Burlesque. A movie that seems to be little more than a surprisingly good-natured and complementary vanity project starring two divas who respect each other’s work! Here’s what I know about Christina Aguilera: she was on The Mickey Mouse Club. She sang the music in Disney’s Mulan. She sang... read more

White Nights, No Tights

I saw Black Swan last week: it was visually fantastic, emotionally freaky and overwrought, and it cranked the Lesbian to 11. It was a strangely satisfying film that a) made you really appreciate the work dancers put into performing and b) made you very glad that Barbara Hershey isn’t your mom. It’ll probably win a peck of Golden Globes and/or Oscar nods, and it is certainly a worthy film,... read more