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Bill Maher and chicken entrails

I attended Baptist church three times a week growing up. By the time I was 17, I had attended church approximately 2,652 times. My ultra-churchy upbringing left me with both an... read more

I suppose you COULD piss on hospitality…

Whenever I watch a B movie, I have my laptop close at hand so I can Google it while I’m watching it. I eat its trivia like Junior Mints; I scour its cast list for the inevitable star or stars who never worked again. Sometimes I get really lucky and stumble onto some other movie that’s even worse than the one I’m watching. But my mind wanders, too, and not just to errands or sex or... read more

A Bromance for the Ages

Even if you’ve never heard of the improv duo TJ and Dave, you know TJ and Dave. TJ Jagodowski is the fair-haired guy in the Sonic commercials. TJ’s had several movie roles, including a small role in Stranger Than Fiction. Dave Pasquesi is that guy who looks a lot like Adrien Brody. He’s also had a lot of movie roles, as well as the recurring role of Stew on “Strangers With Candy”. Trust Us,... read more