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Unsinkable Costume Drama

Okay, so I stayed up til 1 AM on Thursday watching Downton Abbey, the entire 7 episode run so far, back to back. Since this is a historical drama where Series 1 spans 1912 to 1914, it begins with a cable about the sinking of the Titanic and ends with the dawn of World War I. Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, is a steady, kindly sweetheart who is loyal to his estate even above his own family. His genteel... read more

Pride, Prejudice, Pizza and Pemberly!

The first time I watched the A&E Miniseries Pride and Prejudice on DVD (I’d seen the original mini-series airing on cable), I invited my mom over for pizza, mom-daughter bonding and some quality time with Colin Firth’s Darcy. My mom didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I had: “But what about the scene with the parrot? They’ve cut parts out! This isn’t as good as the... read more

Hunk of Burning Victorian Love

There are few costume dramas I won’t at least try, and when The Forsyte Saga washed my way, I jumped in while knowing nothing about it. I hadn’t read the book, hadn’t even heard of it; I think the extent of my familiarity was, “Hey, this has that Ioan guy from Horatio Hornblower!” I didn’t love Damien Lewis yet. And I definitely didn’t know from the total hotness... read more

Wearing the pants in romance

I recently pointed out my love for Some Like It Hot, in which two men dress as women to escape gangsters. George Sand dressed as a man in order to escape the restrictions of rigid societal expectations. Which brings us to another cross-dressing film: no, not Yentyl, shut up. And not Boys Don’t Cry, which, while brilliant, absolutely ripped my heart out. (The fact that Hilary Swank in the role of... read more

The Other Three Hour Tour

Costume dramas. Costume dramas with Eddie Izzard dancing the Charleston, adventures at sea, starlets, rich eccentrics, guys who catch cannonballs with their stomachs and... crime! read more

The game is afoot, Watson!

I have always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, even though I haven’t actually read much of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. I did try, but I started with A Study in Scarlet, and I came away from it baffled by Doyle’s detailed, overt and rather poisonous dislike of… Mormons, apparently. No Twilight fan he, I guess. ::shrugs:: Doyle’s issues with Mormonism aside, the adventures of... read more