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(Doctor) Who Ya Gonna Call?

If you’ve already watched Doctor Who and didn’t like it I’m probably not going to win you over. I get it; it’s not for everyone! But if you’ve been avoiding new Doctor Who because the words “Doctor Who” conjure up memories of some guy on PBS in a long scarf and a weird hat, read on. I was like you once. To be specific, I was like you up until October of 2015.... read more

Sci-Fi with a wink, a smile and a plot

In December of 1999 I was taken to St. Mark’s hospital in Metro Manila to have my gallbladder removed. For the next few days, my doctor and the incredibly attentive staff worried about the state of my internal organs. Me, I was higher than a kite on whatever it was they put in my drip line, and figured that any place that calls itself “the most progressive hospital in Southeast Asia” didn’t need... read more

Loving Life! And Life! And, um…

Life really does have infinite diversity: it must, because I keep ending up at the same place in the DVD store. Seriously, three of my all time favorite things ever have the same title, or damn near it: there’s a Damien Lewis detective series, Life, the BBC Version of Life On Mars, and, finally the BBC’s various “Life of,” series, all presented by David Attenborough. The latest installment of this... read more

Favorite transvestite ever

A very nice Englishman named Philip introduced us to comedian Eddie Izzard sometime after the video of Glorious turned up in the neighborhood video rental stores and before Dress to Kill.... read more

Three seasons of perfection

Slings and Arrows. It just may be that Slings and Arrows is the most perfect series ever televised. Clever, funny and wise, it makes shameless use of the fact that “all the word is a stage” but somehow never feels ridiculous, even when the actions of the cast are patently silly. Lead by Paul Gross, an actor who may actually be just as good as he thinks he is, the series is full of winking camp and... read more

And the Emmy goes to…

Fastlane is a show about three cops. (1) Van, an undercover cop who hates lying and grew up helping his dad forge currency and bonds, and who is played by Carlisle from Twilight, (2) Deaq, an undercover cop who used to be in a gang until he turned his life around, played by Bill Bellamy, and (3) Billie, their hard-ass boss who loves fast cars and low-cut shirts and used to be addicted to heroin, played by... read more

Twitch City – Lick Molly Parker now!

Let’s just get one thing out of the way here. The main reason Twitch City is so great is that Molly Parker is lickable. Not likable (though she’s that too), but lick-able, in that she must be licked. I am sure that everyone in the world will agree with me. Some will add that Callum Keith Rennie must also be licked, and I can’t argue with that. Don McKellar, though? Not so lickable, as... read more

“What kind of crime is starbuckin’?”

A friend and I just started watching the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica, and in only a handful of episodes it’s already become one of my favorite things EVER. The show is such a smorgasbord of wonder that I don’t know how to write a coherent post about it, so I’ll just list ten of my favorite things about it at random. 1. It came out the year after Star Wars, and it shows. The... read more
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