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World domination at your own pace

I don’t know if you follow PC gaming much, but there’s this whole, booming category called real-time strategy, or RTS. And as far as world domination goes, it’s kind of the new hotness. Rather than playing your turn, ending it, and sitting around for a half hour while the computer moves its armies around, everything just keeps happening simultaneously. In REAL TIME. I picked up Age of... read more

Face the wrath of matching gems, cur!

If you know me at all, you know that I have no shortage of video game options. I have an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii. I have a computer with wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up in the living room so I can play Torchlight on the big screen. I have an old PS2 laying around just in case of Psychonauts-related emergencies, and a NES knockoff that plays the original cartridges (which, admittedly, I turn to... read more

Scribblenauts: Make God Fight Ninjas

Say hey, let’s all play Scribblenauts! Yes, as you may have read elsewhere, the actual game play is a little wonky, but you will learn to finesse it, and anyway it is so totally worth your while.  Why?  Because in the game, you can use your MAGIC POWERS to generate pretty much anything you can think of.  In the mood for a turkey sandwich?  You got it.  Want to see what Hell is like?  Just... read more