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Hop on the road to board game addiction

Hello, my name is Nate, and I have an addiction to board games. (Hi Nate!) It started so simply; just a game or two for my wife and I to play during the long Alaskan nights (we were live-in caregivers for people with developmental disabilities, which meant we were on the clock 24/7, and meant that from about 9:30 PM onward we were stuck in the house and bored). From there it just…kept getting bigger,... read more

Cosmic Encounter: Galactic conquest!

“Hey, this looks kind of cool.” This was my introduction to Cosmic Encounter. My friend and I were around 14, gainfully employed as paperboys and looking for a way to use some of our excess cash. (At 14, pretty much all our cash was excess cash.) He had picked the game up off the shelf at the toys and hobbies store we were wandering through. He put it back down, but I thought it deserved... read more

Have fun storming the castle!

Castle Panic is such a great game, you guys. So much fun! So easy to play! Orcs and goblins are rampaging from all sides, your walls are collapsing all around you and you’re desperate... read more

Booze it Up at the Red Dragon Inn

You’re a mighty adventurer in a land of sorcery and steel. A legendary wizard. A powerful warrior. A deadly rogue. You spend your days slaying dragons and crawling through dungeons, accumulating treasure and renown. Theoretically, at any rate. Because none of that stuff happens in The Red Dragon Inn. The Red Dragon Inn is a game about sitting around the tavern with your adventuring buddies afterward,... read more

More murderous than Monopoly

The easiest way to describe Kill Doctor Lucky in one sentence or less is “the game that happened before Clue.” Much like Clue, you and your fellow players are guests invited to dinner at a rambling country mansion around the turn of the (last) century. Unlike Clue, however, you have all come to the same two conclusions: 1.) Doctor Lucky has got to die. 2.) You want to be the one to do him... read more

Lights, Camera, Action: Scene It!

Although it seems almost unbelievable to me now, before I met Matt, I had never played Scene It. I’ve always liked board games, from the gimmicky Mouse Trap of my youth to countless AmeriCorps games of Scattergories. In fact, to this day I have never yet played “original” Scene It, but I have enjoyed Scene It: Friends Edition, Scene It: Harry Potter, and, best of all the... read more

Gateway (drug) to adventure!

I played a hell of a lot of D&D back when I was in high school, but I never actually played much Dungeons & Dragons. What I mean is that I played D&D knockoffs, and tabletop roleplaying games that built upon D&D’s foundations to take the experience in new and interesting directions. We played superhero games, and games set in a cyberpunk future, and this thing called “Ninjas... read more

The crack cocaine of tabletop gaming

I love me some Heroclix, man. I first purchased the old-school Heroclix starter set sometime around 2003 as a gift for my friend Simon. You know how you buy gifts for your friends that are secretly for yourself? Because you get the credit for giving it, but also a new toy that you can play with too? Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, the important thing to understand here is that I was in my early... read more
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