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Honeyhoney: Hurting/healing music

The proof of a perfect album may be how often a person can repeatedly listen to it without starting to hate it. If so Honeyhoney’s First Rodeo is beyond perfect. I’ve listened to it a million times in the last two years, and it’s still fresh and bracing as a shot of tequila. Honeyhoney is a partnership between Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe. First Rodeo is their first album. It was released in late 2008... read more

Neko Case and the hungry unknown

Neko Case.  She has a long, mournful voice.  Her songs jangle in your head, weird and passionate, heavy and alive in your chest when you sing along. When I moved to Seattle a few years ago, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood had just come out. I bought it on a Saturday in March and twisted my ankle walking home from the record shop.  I had to crawl out of the street, crying.  A kind stranger and his... read more

The Mercury/Michael spiritual lovechild

Freddie Mercury & George Michael had a baby and they named him Mika. As you would expect from an unholy pairing of Freddie/George, he’s ambiguous of gender and sexuality... read more

I’m confessin’ (that I love K.D. Lang)

The first time I heard k.d. lang was in 1991. I was working in a toy store whose chief compensations were the necessity of shooting teddy bears in the head with a needle gun, and the syndicated love songs program that ran each night as I worked. (I hate “Lay Lady Lay” infinity+1 even now, but otherwise it was pretty sweet.) She had just recorded “Crying” with Roy Orbison, and it... read more

Make magic happen: Shazam!

The internet has magic powers. It can bring you all manner of worldly delights: books, music, film. And there’s a sea of sheer content out there that comes when you call it, if only you can speak its name. I’ve found a fair number of songs I was looking for by googling a fragment of half-remembered lyric, but how do you type in a melody? I got an iPhone because Matt wanted the 4G and he got... read more

William Shatner’s best album

In 2004, the fearless, brazen William Shatner released his second album Has Been, and I defy anyone who’s heard it to deny that it’s the best thing in the universe. Oh sure, it’s easy to laugh. People have been yukking it up at the words “William Shatner album” since 1968’s The Transformed Man. That one probably deserves to be scorned as a waste of vinyl. But if so, Has Been wastes nothing,... read more

Music that’s cheaper than food

I have eclectic tastes in music. I was raised on classical orchestral music from my mother and classic rock via my father. I spent a year as a music department manager of a small store... read more

Keep on Battling, Yoshimi

I've been trying to decide what this article should be about for three months now. Should I write about The Flaming Lips as a band? Should I just focus on Fight Test, which is... read more
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