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Keep on Battling, Yoshimi

I've been trying to decide what this article should be about for three months now. Should I write about The Flaming Lips as a band? Should I just focus on Fight Test, which is... read more

Because the radio played

So Alyx previously posted about Hugh Dillon and his new album Works Well With Others, which I absolutely adore. But there’s been exciting news on the Hugh Dillon front that has me feeling nostalgic, and I want to take a moment to post about his first band, the Headstones. The Headstones were a 90s Canadian hard rock band (according to Wikipedia, they were active from the late 80s to 2003), and they... read more

Hugh Dillon: Canada’s finest Joe

I'm on another ramble through Canadiana today, starting with the reasonably okay and working upward to utter greatness: I have been known to watch and enjoy the very occasional... read more

Oh, Ontario. Oh, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

First off, let me say that I don’t know anything about the Weakerthans. They’re Canadian, I guess? They could be the most obscure indie rock band ever, or they could be so huge that everyone reading this is going to punch a kitten if they hear that damn Weakerthans song one more time. I guess I just don’t keep up that much any more. But you know that band you loved until you found out... read more