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William Shatner’s best album

In 2004, the fearless, brazen William Shatner released his second album Has Been, and I defy anyone who’s heard it to deny that it’s the best thing in the universe. Oh sure, it’s easy to laugh. People have been yukking it up at the words “William Shatner album” since 1968’s The Transformed Man. That one probably deserves to be scorned as a waste of vinyl. But if so, Has Been wastes nothing,... read more

The Vinyl Cafe: Go Vinyl or go home

Stuart McLean is a giant of Canadian Radio. He travels the country doing live broadcasts of his show, The Vinyl Cafe, with featured musical artists (which means ever-so-folky up and coming performers from the region he’s currently visiting). He broadcasts from the National Gallery, from century-old theaters all over the country–we don’t have much in Canada that’s centuries... read more