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Field Notes: Helping Me Remember it Now

I really, really wanted to start this off with a quote. I should have written it down. The quote I half remember is from Anne Lamott, and I think it was on twitter. But I can’t find it. The gist of it was: Always carry a paper and pen with you to capture ideas. The Gods of Inspiration do not honor cell phones. If you find the original please let me know. Anyway it stuck with me because at the time I... read more

13 Decemberween Traditions

In no particular order, 13 holiday traditions here at Favorite Thing Ever: 13) Stuff Layin’ Around Christmas. As you may have surmised, Matt and I have a lot of enthusiasms. For a lot of things. As such, in the course of a year, we buy each other a fair number of presents. Books, video games, build-your-own-dinosaur lamps, that kind of stuff. So we took all the video games we hadn’t played... read more

Elf, and the case for Secular Christmas

For me, Christmas has always been entirely secular. And yes, I get that it has “Christ” right in the name. Most of the Christmas traditions I practice (tree decorating, gift giving) actually predate Christianity, but I’m not Pagan either. And although I have some pretty significant bones to pick with religion in general, I will tell you this: I love me some frickin’ Christmas. I... read more

A Girl and A Ghost Walk Into A Bar…

In my youth I was a sucker for adventure games. I suffered through any number of ignoble deaths in all the old Sierra “Quest” games, I punned my way through Monkey Island, and I punched my way through the Nazis of “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”. Give me a pixelated guy with an improbable mission and a world full of surprisingly patient people who don’t mind answering... read more

It’s never too late for Yuletide!

This may shock you, but my holiday traditions have a lot to do with gift exchanges. The catch is that these gifts have specific requirements: they must be rare, they must be personalized, and they must be handmade using only found materials. Yes, yes, it’s all very green, but it’s also entirely awesome, because I’m not talking about paperweights made out of sand dollars or decoupaged... read more

On the subject of my mug

Before I heard of National Novel Writing Month, I was satisfied with regulation mugs. I had several, and used them in rotation. But NaNoWriMo demanded greater focus and... read more

The eighties can suck it!

So I dated a guy named Jason, and he broke up with me, out of nowhere, and a guy had never broken up with me before and I was pissed, but not hurt. (I ran into him at ComiCon last year, too. AWKWARD.) Then I dated another guy, also named Jason, right after Jason I and he too broke up with me, and I’d been expecting it, but I was hurt, and whatever, it’s a boring story and there’s no... read more

Kick out the (marion berry) jams

There are times when you don’t really want a movie, or a song, or a game, or anything like that. All you want is something yummy to put in your face, preferably while sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. That’s where my favorite jam EVER comes to the rescue. Wikipedia has far too much information about the Marion berry. Yes, it sounds like a politician. Yes, Oregon is considering making... read more
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