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Like hearing voices in your head!

Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way right now: I’m not an audiophile. I do not now own, nor have I ever owned, a vacuum tube. I’m perfectly happy listening to digital music, and couldn’t tell you how “warm” a sound is if I had a sound thermometer. I’m just a standard, run of the mill geek who, when deciding to buy some headphones, decided to buy the best ones... read more

Kindle: One handed reading

The absolutely best thing about the Kindle is that it makes one handed reading extremely comfortable. Okay, don’t look at me like that! I don’t mean anything risqué, though that’s certainly a possibility, especially when reading — oh, for example — Rose’s naughty, page-turning Regency romance In for a Penny. Read more deeply I love books. I’m not going to give up real books made of... read more

Drinking + Duck Hunt = Drunk Hunt

It’s a generational thing. If you’re within five or six years of my age, in either direction, there’s a pretty good chance you spent a chunk of your childhood sitting about two feet from the television, cursing like a dockworker as you sent an 8-bit Mario careening to his doom off the end of a giant, bendy mushroom. These days, if you own a Wii, Nintendo will be happy to sell you all... read more

Everything I ever wanted: iPod Touch

When someone pulls out their iPhone, I think: SUCKER! My little iPod Touch does nearly everything an iPhone does, with one important added benefit: Nobody can phone me on it. I hate the telephone. You hate the telephone. We are all lucky enough to live in a world where most of the time we no longer need the telephone. So why are people paying at least $60 every month (more likely $90 or $150) for their... read more