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Fluevog: The source of self love

Other Matt totally scooped me when he reviewed his shoes last week. But that’s ok, because he can’t possibly love his slouchy casual runners as much as I love my elegant kickass ladyheels. Just look at these gorgeous, sexy heels. Every time I wear them, strangers compliment me. They beg me to tell them where I bought them, tell me they’re fantastic. They are. But most importantly, I am fantastic in... read more

Swatch magic and youthful joy

When I was in sixth grade, I wanted nothing more than a red and gray swatch with a paisley face and to kiss Simon LeBon.  Kissing Simon LeBon wasn’t likely to ever happen, but surely... read more

The cure for the fat-bottom blues

Guys, it’s time we tackled a very sensitive subject. I realize this isn’t something we talk about in public very often, but it’s for your own good that I’m bringing this up, and you need to hear what I’m about to tell you. That’s right; it’s time we talked about your wallet. Look, I understand the appeal of having your file cabinet with you at all times. The fact... read more

Functional/fabulous: I heart my PUMAs

Another shoe review? Damn skippy. Because as I tried to think of something I loved enough to write about this week, the most worthy thing I could think of was my favorite PUMAs. The truth is: exciting shoes provide happiness. If an amazing pair of shoes doesn’t bring you at least fleeting joy, you should go ahead and stick your head in the oven. I purchased my pair of PUMA Cabana Racer II’s one... read more

Utilitarian hobo fashion

I’m a Southern girl residing in a state where the freezing cold winters last longer than Stephen Baldwin’s career. Even though I’ve lived in Michigan for three winters, I still struggle with appropriate winter gear. I can’t stand a bunch of bulky clothing weighing me down, and I get tired of all the cold-weather accessories required for simple grocery store visits. I rarely get excited about... read more

I think I just reviewed my shoes

I’m not exactly sure what kind of person reviews their shoes on a website like What I am sure of, for better or worse, is I’m about to become that kind of person. Sorry. I can’t help myself. Staring my 30th birthday in the face, mired in another losing fantasy football season, and with no more DVD -released TV show left to watch, my life simply isn’t that exciting at the... read more