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Field Notes: Helping Me Remember it Now

I really, really wanted to start this off with a quote. I should have written it down. The quote I half remember is from Anne Lamott, and I think it was on twitter. But I can’t find it. The gist of it was: Always carry a paper and pen with you to capture ideas. The Gods of Inspiration do not honor cell phones. If you find the original please let me know. Anyway it stuck with me because at the time I... read more

Michael’s Fat Boy Chopper (it’s a pen!)

I don’t know how it started. My pen grip is abnormal; that might be it. Pens rest on my third finger, so heavily that that knuckle has developed a callus at its end, and a pink divot in the middle. Or else it might be that I’m full of rage, river deep and mountain high. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that when I write with a pen, I press hard enough to make three copies even if I only... read more

Making story out of tree…

In my day to day life, when I am not pushing my favorite books and DVDs at you all, I am a fiction writer. I’ve had over thirty short stories published, and my first book, Indigo Springs, came out in 2009. Indigo Springs is sometimes called ecofantasy, which means that between outbursts of mystical energy, its characters spend a bit of time worrying about things like whether the magical apocalypse... read more