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On the subject of my mug

Before I heard of National Novel Writing Month, I was satisfied with regulation mugs. I had several, and used them in rotation. But NaNoWriMo demanded greater focus and... read more

Kick out the (marion berry) jams

There are times when you don’t really want a movie, or a song, or a game, or anything like that. All you want is something yummy to put in your face, preferably while sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. That’s where my favorite jam EVER comes to the rescue. Wikipedia has far too much information about the Marion berry. Yes, it sounds like a politician. Yes, Oregon is considering making... read more

Confessions of a two-drink weakling

There’s this early issue of the Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men, where all the X-Peeps are in the danger room and we see what they’re thinking. Wikipedia remembers some of the exchange thusly: Colossus: Kitty’s grown so much while I was… away. I know I feel the same for her as I once did, but does she? How can I expose her to the possibility of such pain? … I’m riding a... read more

Gleeful about gay marriage

I didn’t get in on Buffy the Vampire Slayer until the second season. Snuffy made me watch S1 while I was visiting her in Texas, and then it took a few weeks to get home and find episodes airing on Canadian TV, and that finally came together around when “Ted” aired… and, really, what better time? I mean, S2! Angel! You remember. The upside was I experienced the show as it was airing.... read more

The Vinyl Cafe: Go Vinyl or go home

Stuart McLean is a giant of Canadian Radio. He travels the country doing live broadcasts of his show, The Vinyl Cafe, with featured musical artists (which means ever-so-folky up and coming performers from the region he’s currently visiting). He broadcasts from the National Gallery, from century-old theaters all over the country–we don’t have much in Canada that’s centuries... read more