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A Girl and A Ghost Walk Into A Bar…

In my youth I was a sucker for adventure games. I suffered through any number of ignoble deaths in all the old Sierra “Quest” games, I punned my way through Monkey Island, and I punched my way through the Nazis of “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”. Give me a pixelated guy with an improbable mission and a world full of surprisingly patient people who don’t mind answering... read more

Scrivener might CHANGE YOUR LIFE

My job is to take software and see if I can make it break, then tell the developers how it broke (we call that “Quality Assurance”). The side effect to this is that I employ the same strategy in my day-to-day interactions with software as well. In general, programs I use go through the Inquiry, Inquisition, and finally Investment phases. The Inquiry phase is the “does it do what I want it... read more