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The eighties can suck it!

So I dated a guy named Jason, and he broke up with me, out of nowhere, and a guy had never broken up with me before and I was pissed, but not hurt. (I ran into him at ComiCon last year, too. AWKWARD.) Then I dated another guy, also named Jason, right after Jason I and he too broke up with me, and I’d been expecting it, but I was hurt, and whatever, it’s a boring story and there’s no... read more

etymon “true sense” + logos “word”

As you may know, I write historical romances. This entails a lot of research. Some of that means reading books and articles like The Regency Underworld or Black London: Life Before... read more

The Untold Wonders of Beartato

I have this thing where I compulsively register domain names. I get a germ of an idea and immediately start hunting for a website name, registering it on the spot when I inevitably come up with something I can’t believe no one has taken already. Seriously, I had a good solid year before the site went up (and this is also why it sucks for you if your last name happens to be... read more

Seattle Geekly: Local Flavor, Global Appeal

The best thing about is that you don’t have to live in Seattle to get something great out of their podcasts. I have enjoyed their interviews with various sci-fi and horror writers and people like the curator of the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum, Shannon’s reviews of hideous horror films, Matt’s book and game reviews, and their promos for events like... read more

Make magic happen: Shazam!

The internet has magic powers. It can bring you all manner of worldly delights: books, music, film. And there’s a sea of sheer content out there that comes when you call it, if only you can speak its name. I’ve found a fair number of songs I was looking for by googling a fragment of half-remembered lyric, but how do you type in a melody? I got an iPhone because Matt wanted the 4G and he got... read more

Music that’s cheaper than food

I have eclectic tastes in music. I was raised on classical orchestral music from my mother and classic rock via my father. I spent a year as a music department manager of a small store... read more

An internet connection & a dream

I've worked as a graphic designer since sometime around 1991, and I cut my graphic designer teeth making newspapers. And as archaic as it may sound, when I first started publishing... read more

A starving artist at the grocery store

Dorothy Gambrell is best known for her comic strip Cat and Girl, a deadpan little social commentary strip with a dry sense of humor and a heavy heart. It’s beautifully drawn, full of strong, clear lines and lively backgrounds, and the titular characters discuss nostalgia and consumerism and what it means to be alive. It features a bespectacled, lead-paint eating Cat and a glum, slump shouldered... read more
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