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Favorite whatevers of 2010

Everybody on the web is doing Best of 2010 lists. I’ll let you in on a little journalism secret, here: it’s mindless content that you can knock out well ahead of time so you can take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. If you assumed we’d have an ordered, coherent list of the year’s best, however, then you don’t know this website AT ALL. So here’s a... read more

Of course we’re also thankful for YOU

To celebrate Thanksgiving, and since yesterday marked our 100th post (that’s a random coincidence I just noticed when I went in to set this up, but still) here’s a bunch of stuff we’re grateful for. For starters, I’m grateful to all these folks for sharing their favorite things with this site and with the world… Things we’re thankful for: MELODIE Ghetto Mochas. For... read more