Monday, December 2, 2019

#30- I Am Inevitable

Avengers Infinity War (2018) & Endgame (2019)

Yes I'm counting them as one movie. No I won't make a habit of this. Yes I know it's kinda cheating.

Anyways, quick story. I was at the first Avengers premiere in 2012 and it was wired. It was like the first time nerds got to go wild at a team up movie, and we took FULL advantage. It was when premieres still dropped at 12 am on Thursday nights and multiple screens were packed. In mine alone there was like 8 Hulks, 2 Iron men, Half dozen Caps, and a few Thors. Didn't see any Hawkeyes....

You'll always be in my heart Renner.

Anyways. It was, up until that point, the loudest and most wild screening I'd ever attended. It was amazing. People were cheering and screaming and laughing, together. Up until that point the height of excitement I'd seen at a movie was some over-enthusiastic clapping at the end of The Prestige.


That screening was only matched in 2019 at the premiere of Endgame. Same energy, same hype, same packed IMAX. I still get chills when I think of the crowds reaction to the "portals" moment. Also, there were these two teenagers crying behind me at that scene, and in that moment I realized how glad I was that these movies were in our lives.

Real American Heroes

This century has been nothing if not the rise of Marvel Studios and while financial success doesn't always equate to quality. (Looking at you Jurassic World and your 1.17 Billion) In this case it does. Whether or not you enjoyed the 21 movies that lead up to this epic (perhaps the most fitting use of this word since its inception in 2006) conclusion, you have to respect the "meteor hitting the earth" sized impact it's had on the pop culture landscape. With good measure too, these movies were spectacular. The shear size of these two movies is awe inspiring. Pound for pound it might be the liveliest movie I've ever experienced. I'm trying to come up with movies that I had more fun at and frankly, the list isn't that long.

Watching all these stories merge and come together, while simultaneously discussing every detail and hidden homage, with such a large group of people is something I'm seriously going to miss. Special shout out to Marvel introducing and making popular the end credits stinger. I've always been a fan of staying for the credits. Gives you time to digest the film in the moments right after it ending, and shows respect to everyone that worked on it. Any reason to make people stay, gimmick or not, is cool in my book. I'm not sure when something with this much backstory and build-up will ever be around again, but until that time arrives, we will always have 22 movies to keep us busy.

Still one of the all time great movie trailers. 

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